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Innovation ability



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  1、Efficient Innovation Platform
  ——Postdoctoral scientific research station
  ——Color Toner and Supporting Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance
  ——Hubei Provincial Enterprise Technology Center
  ——Hubei Provincial Printing and Copy Consumables Engineering Technology Research Center
  2、Innovation System
  ——Establish efficient innovation system meeting market requirements
  ——Make many innovation strategy including innovation development strategy, intellectual property strategy and innovation incentives strategy
  ——Cultivate the new culture of “full participation, innovation,  failure tolerance”
  3、Perfect Intellectual Property Right System
  ——79 domestic and international invention patents
  ——principal framer of 5 industrial standards
  ——16 domestic and international trademark registrations
  ——REACH registration for export products
  4、Professional Research & Development Team
  ——The R&D team consists of talents of nanometer material dispersion, chemical process, chemical machinery, material science, magnetic materials, powder engineering, computing and software engineering and talents who are expert in printers and copiers and application & assessment of consumables. Among them, there are 3 experts,
  5、Independent Innovation Achievements
  ——National Innovation Enterprise
  ——National High-tech Enterprise
  ——over 20 provincial and municipal key scientific and technological achievements,6 key “National Key New Product”
  ——over 20 provincial science and technology awards
  ——undertook many national science and technology programs
  6、Scientific Research & Development Equipment
  ——a series of professional labs and advanced experimental facilities including lab for functional chemicals lab, developing materials lab, carrier lab and microelectronic materials
  ——150 sets of imported testing equipment