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Intellectual property right



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  Ding Long adheres to the development strategy of “Patent Trend of Technology, Patent Industrialiezed, Product Standardized, Standard Internationalized”, establishes a comprehensive system of intellectual property rights, including patents, standards, product certification and registration of trademarks.
  ● Patent
  —— 153 authorized patents
  Among them, there are 62 invention patents, 80 utility model patents,and 11industrial design patent; 140 Chinese patents, 13 foreign patents
  ——36 patents have been accepted
  ● Standard
  ——Acted as a leading role in drafting five main industrial standards
  1)CCA industrial standards:
  Benzilic ethanol acid metal complex standards (JB/T 10803-2007)
  Quaternary ammonium salt standard(JB/T 10804-2007)
  Azo metal complex criteria(JB/T 10806-2007)
  Salicylic acid metal complex standards(JB/T 10805-2007)
  2)color toner industrial standard:
  Dry chemical color toner standards(JB/T 11732-2013)——Involved in the formulation of national standard for “Dried physical (Pulverized) Color Toner” GB/T29300-2012
  ● Trademark
  The company has applied for 52 trademarks at home and abroad, of which 33 have been registered.
  ● Registration
  ——Multiple products have passed the registration of chemicals worldwide, including the EU's
  ——All products have passed security tests approved by the Chinese government, including security test for GLP laboratory oral toxicity, inhalation toxicity, skin irritation, skin sensitization, irritation and eye safety, etc.