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  Since establishment, Hubei Dinglong intently pursues the development of toner industry, and grasped the direction of CPT's increasing growth and inevitable domination in color electric imaging industry. We trained and reserved excellent talents in fields of surface chemistry, macromolecule polymerization, pigment dispersion, toner manufacturing and toner evaluation. Meanwhile, we acquire top thinking resources from both domestic and abroad, constructed our own core technical team. Taking advantage of previously matured technologies of chemical synthesis and powder production, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipments and analyzing instruments, we creatively produce DL series CPT with our own IP, by unique aggregation technology of wax-cored colorant particles and resin particles. DL series CPT conforms to strict color electric imaging procedure, and enjoys inerratic particle shape, optimized sphericity, uniform particle size, easy and stable charging and flowability, fast and uniform fixing, low energy consumption. By all these characteristics, DL series CPT is precise in color imaging, supreme in printing quality, wide in color gamut, clear and fine in printed text, nice in contrast, and competitive in quality, cost and eco-soundness. Hubei Dinglong endeavors to be the leading manufacturer of CPT in the aftermarket.

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